Disaster Management Course

This course provides a step by step process for disaster recovery. Learn how to strengthen your businesses long term resilience to natural disasters by implementing the disaster management courses widely adopted PPRR framework.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at farmers and agricultural professionals looking to build long term resilience within a variable climate. This course has been produced by Growcom, the leading industry body in disaster recovery. This project is proudly supported by the Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors.

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“Although funding for this product has been provided by both the Australian and Queensland Governments, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views of either Government”

Why is disaster management important?

Immediately after a disaster event it can be challenging to find the best way to progress forward.

It can be incredibly tempting to jump straight into cleaning up and rebuilding your business as the panic sets in.

Its at this stage that you need to take deep breath and look at the recovery process holistically. 

The disaster management course provides the right information and tools to streamline the recovery process.

Even though this course is set in north Queensland the learnings can be applied to a vareity of different locations and situations.

What is covered?

The disaster management course covers all the bases to effectively achieve a swift path to business recovery.

  • Learn how to effectively assess disaster risk for your farm business.
  • Strategically develop a plan to streamline your recovery process.
  • Discover the importance of developing a sound business plan.
  • Identify potential prevention measures that can be implemented for your business.
  • Effectively respond to the natural disaster event.
  •  Use your new found knowledge to develop a streamlined recovery plan for your business.

our teaching team

Jamie Thornberry

Resilience Officer

A creative teacher that has been in the agricultural sector for over 5 years. Jamie specialises in agricultural extension, adoption & digital communications. 

Lene Knudsen

Climate Project Manager

Lene is our local climate rockstar specialising in the impacts of climate change on the future of the horticultural sector. 

Jane Muller

Project Development Manager

Jane specialises in project management and design with a keen eye for trends in the Horticultural sector.