Natural Disaster Resilience Program: floods

Who is it for?

The purpose of the course is to assist farmers to develop flood mapping, mitigation and resilience management plans for their property. Our focus is on preparing for the next flood, learning lessons from the past and providing technical and business advice to further improve resilience to future floods.

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The project is a collaboration between Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland Farmers’ Federation and its members, Growcom and Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation. The project is funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments through the 2017-18 Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

The importance of flood mapping & mitigation plans.

Effective flood mapping and mitigation planning can prove vital to the successful recovery of the farm business during times of natural disaster. 

When approaching the topic of long term resilience it is essential that a holistic view is taken account for all aspects of the recovery process.

This course provides a guide detailing the key areas of focus when venturing down the path of flood disaster recovery. 

What is covered?

Find everything that you need to effectively navigate the waters of effective disaster recovery. This course focusses on developing a flood mitigation and resilience management plan for your property.

  • Consider your farms level of exposure to flood disasters and how to develop resilience.
  • Identify industry specific issues, challenges and approaches to building farm resilience.
  • Understand the importance of flood mapping for disaster preparation.
  • Explore the soil health and nutritional issues of flooded soils.
  • Consider the financial risk implications of floods on the farm business.  

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