Course Introduction

How to Navigate Through the Platform

This platform has been designed to be a convenient one-stop-shop for your disaster recovery information. Here you will find grower case studies, video tutorials, factsheets and links all aimed to aid in the disaster recovery process. 

When disaster strikes the last thing that you want to do is spend hours scouring through websites to find what you need. This platform brings all of the information together into one easy to use location. 

Platform Structure

On the top left-hand side, you will see a series of tabs that link to the lessons throughout the course. They are ordered in a way that matches the various stages of disaster recovery. Although if you would like to skip ahead you can do so by clicking on one of these tabs.

Q & A

The Q & A section on the tab above can be used to allow you to leave a comment on the module. This can be used to either leave a question or engage with other users on the platform. 


The content section allows you to see the video length of the various modules so you can plan your time effectively. This section will remain the same over all of the lessons. 


The resource section is where you will find some fantastic additional resources to aid in disaster recovery preparation. These resources include valuable websites, climate tools, infographics and factsheets that have been developed to aid growers in disaster preparation and planning. 

Lesson 1: Course Introduction 2:20

Lesson 2: Assessing Disaster Risks 8:19

Lessson 3: Develop A Plan 3:29

Lesson 4: Business Planning 2:36

Lesson 5: PPRR Framework 4:10

Lesson 6: Respond 12:28

Lesson 7: Prevent 8:21

Practical Disaster Preparation: 7:09

Emergency Kits & Supplies: 4:24

The Importance of Backup Power: 6:26

Lesson 8: Respond: 12:28

Communications Prior to a Disaster: 7:34

Lesson 9 Recover: 3:02

Disaster Recovery Cleanup: 2:01

Insurence Assesment & Claims: 3:33

Recovery Staff & Support: 5:04

Communication: 3:37

Disaster Support Networks: 5:52

Horticultural Disaster Toolkits

General Australia Wide Toolkit: Growcoms horticultural disaster toolkit. 

North Queensland Disaster Toolkit: Growcoms disaster toolkit for North Queensland growers. 

Bowan & Surrounds: Growcoms disaster toolkit for Bowen and the surrounding area.

Mackay & Surrounds: Growcoms disaster toolkit for Mackay and the surrounding area. 

Grower Casestudies

The Importance of Effective Disaster Planning: Planning to make a plan with Innisfail banana growers.

Setting Priorities When Disaster Strikes: The importance of setting priorities during cyclone Marciain Bungundarra.

Lateral thinking builds cyclone resilience: The benefits of trellising when building resilience with a local Cocoa grower. 


Jamie Thornberry Recovery & Resilience Officer

Welcome to the Queensland Flood Disaster Recovery Course. I will be your guide throughout the course. If you have any questions you can find me in the Q & A section below the video.