QFF Course Introduction

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Lesson Overview

This section provides an overview of the project and asks a set of questions to enable farmers to consider their risk and resilience to flood.

  • A brief outline of key terms including risk and resilience
  • Identifying priorities for your farm business
  • Collaboration between industry and government to improve resilience to flood disasters

This course will enable you to establish the foundations for long term flood resilience by developing targeted mitigation and management plans that are tailored to your property. 

Key Questions 

  • What have you done differently since the last flood?
  • What changes have you made to diversify your business and spread your risk?
  • What do you prioritise when minimising business disruption?

In the answer to these three questions lies the key to developing long term resilience for your farm business. Down below you will find the QFF Disaster Plan. Feel free to download the plan to explore the process for swift disaster recovery. 

Project Overview

The Natural Disaster Resilience Program  is proudly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments through the 2017 – 18 Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

The project enabled a joint collaboration between the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland Farmers’ Federation and its member groups, Growcom and Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation.

Ten primary producers were identified to participate in the project, selected from a range of tree crop producers, vegetable growers and dairy farmers.

Industry extension officers assisted producers to develop mitigation and resilience management plans for their individual properties; and consultants featured in this online course, provided technical advice to further develop flood mitigation strategies for the property and farm business.

The project outcomes being improved understanding of the impact of flood on farm properties, and prioritised risk mitigation strategies for farm businesses.

The online course is designed to deliver these learnings across industry sectors to assist primary producers better manage the business risks associated with flood, and provide practical management options to mitigate risk and better manage future responses to natural disasters.

Key Resources

  • Explore the QFF website ot recieve regular disaster and industry related information.
  • Learn what the Queensland Horticultural industry has to offer on the Growcom Website.
  • Recieve the latest news on the Queensland dairy industry by visiting the QDO Website.
  • Determine your level of climatic risk at Long Paddock.
  • Improve your farms long term resilience by leveraging applied science at DAF.
  • Track the latest weather trends and forcasts on the BOM website.
QFF disaster recovery

Disaster Plan

A model plan to help guide your disaster recovery process by stepping through the disaster life cycle. 

  • Effectively Prepare to rebuild stronger.
  • Design your Recovery process
  • Effectively Respond to the impacts of the disaster.